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Jeff Friesell

Hero of the Day! Our patient Jeff Friesell donated his bone marrow to an 8 year old boy in New York. With this selfless act he saved a perfect strangers life! Jeff originally was trying to be a match for his Dad, but he wasn’t so he was put into the donor registry. 3 weeks later he got a call that a little boy in NY was a match. Just before the surgery he was able to meet the boy via Skype. Jeff f…ound the boy was wearing a Yankees hat, and they bonded over the fact they are both fans. The boy was able to go home from the hospital after a 13 month stay! The boy and his family hope to come to Disneyland someday and meet Jeff and his family.Jeff’s bone marrow was harvested from his leg, and is still healing. He says he is still recovering and tired. Donating bone marrow takes a lot out of a person and you are only able to donate once in a lifetime. Great job Jeff!