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Whitening your teeth is a great way to look younger, brighter and make you smile more!

Once you’ve undergone teeth whitening treatment, it’s time to follow all the rules the dentist lays down. After all, you don’t want to be reckless and stain your teeth all over again, do you? So, to ensure the longevity of the success of your treatment, if you must lay off eating and drinking certain foods and drinks, then why not?

What not to drink: More often than not, your dentist will tell you to avoid drinking dark beverages such as tea, coffee and soda or any colored drink can stain your teeth. Post-procedure, your teeth can absorb any color for the next three days until they harden.

However, you’re allowed to have clear liquids. This means you can’t have the juice of grapes, cherries, tomatoes, peaches, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries or cherries or even red wine, soy sauce and cola drinks. Also, avoid drinking slushes and popsicles as they contain a dye that stains your teeth.

Don’t drink very hot or cold liquids as at these extreme temperatures, the temperature of your teeth tends to change radically. This sharp change in temperature causes the teeth to expand and contract, thus permitting stains to penetrate.

Here’s a tip: Whenever you drink permitted liquids, use a straw as this helps reduce the amount of liquid that passes the front of your teeth and minimizes the breakdown of enamel.

Teeth whitening foods to avoid: Perhaps you enjoy eating blueberry muffins for breakfast, but remember it stains your teeth, so avoid them. Also, avoid sauces or marinades that contain soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, beets, Spanish and Indian food.

Besides, avoid eating dark-colored food for a few weeks after your teeth whitening treatment. Dark soups, stews, dark chocolate and other dark colored foods can also contribute to staining your teeth and leaving behind an ugly residue. Citrus fruits, due to their acidic properties, discolor the tooth enamel and should be avoided particularly last thing before bed. If you must eat them, then brush and rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating them.

Sweets, chocolates and desserts, being sticky, can attract bacteria if you don’t you’re your mouth well after eating. They also discolor your teeth and damage your teeth enamel.

Apart from teeth whitening foods to avoid among liquids and solids, cigarette smoking should also be completely avoided since its nicotine content stains the teeth and blackens them.

Overall, stick to a healthy diet and drink a lot of water. This is good for your body and bones. Take a lot of multivitamins and plenty of protein to keep your teeth strong.

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